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Le BAHO is the work of Bastien Horisberger. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, he was always fascinated by the musical environments that surrounded him growing up. Through this medium, he started to hone his craft on many instruments, he is now an artist, songwriter and producer with the unique and pleasurable multi-faceted approach of overseeing every aspect of the recording process.

Giving himself full creative control, Le BAHO has been portraying a narrative to explore and unleash his notion of experiences with sound and poetry. After many years of perfecting his practice, he arrived with his debut single ‘Window’ in 2021, which caught the attention of many on Spotify.

Giving listeners the perfect introduction to his sound, his Instagram following and engagement has grown and been seen by many, performing neo-soul jams in his homeland with other musicians, further highlighting his talents. With the neo-soul and R&B genre now becoming arguably more popular than it ever has been, especially in the modern world, Le BAHO now has picked the perfect time to break through the mould.

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Bastien Horisberger

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